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Tuesday, 6 August 2019


Job Description:

DevOps Operations role with hands-on coding focus
A 50-50 mix between Software Development and System Administration experience.
Responsible for architecting Infrastructure solutions using both Linux/Unix and Windows on Cloud with specific recommendations on server, load balancing, Multi-region, HA/DR, & storage architectures.
Responsible to design, implement and operate software tools and process for end-to-end monitoring of all technology assets.
Lead efforts to design, integrate and implement monitoring systems for core infrastructure, cloud infrastructure, applications, performance monitoring, and synthetic monitoring.
Engineer monitoring solutions operations and policies to drive proactive alerts and notification for applications delivered on multi cloud environment.

Required profile:

Strong programming skills (Java / Python / Shell scripting / Ruby).
Extensive Experience in architecting and delivering large scale cloud systems.
Extensive Experience with Docker and Kubernetes
Extensive Experience in a DevOps oriented organization
Deep Knowledge of Cloud Management Platforms
Experience with continuous integration systems - Jenkins, Salt Stack, Ansible, etc.
Experience with Cloud Monitoring tools (Nagios, Cacti, CloudWatch etc.)
Hands on experience in administering high availability and high-performance environments, as well as managing large-scale deployments of traffic-heavy applications.


7-10 years of development experience using Java, JavaScript, Node.js or equivalent programming languages.
5-7 years of development experience of service configuration and deployments tools - Jenkins, Ansible, Consul, Puppet, Terraform, Spinnaker and Vault.
4-5 years of experience of microservices and deployment to cloud with Docker and Kubernetes.
4-5 years of experience of cloud platform AWS, Azure, GCP
Experience in creating monitoring and availability tools for Enterprise applications on Azure platform.
Mastery of design considerations for high volume transaction systems along with integration and middleware technologies.
ServiceNow ITOM (Event Mgmt. & Operational Intelligence) experience
AIOps (Artificial Intelligence Ops) strategy practice or awareness.
Design and implementation experience with various monitoring, APM and log management tools like Zabbix, Prometheus, Dynatrace, ELK, Splunk. Moogsoft etc.

Jenkins, Java, Docker, Networking, Linux, Ansible, Node.Js, Puppet, Ruby, AWS

Company Profile:

SAP India is a part of SAP Asia Pacific and is responsible for the sales of SAP solutions, implementation, post-implementation support, and training and certification of customers and partners. SAP India's mission is to enable companies to access the global market by offering them a wide rage of Web-enabled solutions.
For more than five years, SAP India has been delivering solutions to hundreds of successful companies. Today, SAP India is one of the fastest growing SAP subsidiaries with more than 200 customers using solutions. Headquartered in Bangalore, SAP India has offices in Mumbai and Delhi.


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